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Item# 75404

Product Description

Technically speaking you should boil vigorously because:

1. It sanitizes the wort

2. Gets rid of unwanted compounds like oxidation on equipment

3. Removes Dimethyl Sulfides (DMS is constantly produced during a boil and needs to be evaporated off. (That means NO LIDS DURING THE BOIL!)

4. Coagulates unwanted proteins (IMHO one of the most important reasons and gives you clearer beer)

5. Extraction of Alpha Acids from Hops

6. Removes water which increases the SG of the wort

7. Removes oxygen from the wort

This powerful propane jet burner delivers 105,000 BTU's. The adjustable burner makes it perfect for large batches and all-grain brewing. There is no need to worry about your kettle fitting on this burner as it has no sides to interfere with the sides of your brew pot. Everything you need is included to attach the burner to your propane tank. We recommend using propane burners outdoors.