YEAST STRAIN: 3787|Trappist High Gravity™

YEAST STRAIN: 3787|Trappist High Gravity™
Item# yeast-strain-3787----trappist-high-gra3787

Product Description

Produces intense esters and phenolic characteristics with complex fruitiness. Does not produce significant amount of iso-amyl acetate (banana esters) or bubble gum esters typical of many yeast of this style. Phenol and ester production are influenced by fermentation temperatures. Phenols tend to dissipate as beer matures. This type of yeast benefits from incremental feeding of sugars during fermentation, making suitable conditions for doubles and triples to ferment to dryness. True top cropping yeast with a broad temperature range.

Origin: Flocculation: Medium-High Attenuation: 74-78% Temperature Range: 64-78F, 18-25C Alcohol Tolerance: 12% ABV